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Back in my day…

In an effort to test the collective ECCC alumni-held thought of ‘It was harder when I was there,’ the Army circuit race at Camp Buckner will feature past champions of the ECCC integrated into the present collegiate fields. By pairing the best of the past with the best of the present, all members of the conference will finally see if it really was harder back then.

In order to ensure the belief is tested for all fields, the returning riders will be incorporated into the fields they dominated.

The unprecedented effort to solve the age old problem is made possible by an increase in racing fees in 2014. Already, through increased ridership and the fee increase, the airfare of 10 returning riders have been provided. There are currently 6 spots open for this unique opportunity. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below.

Efforts are currently being coordinated to prevent the confouding effect of fitness lost or gained. If you are a 1) PhD student and 2) putting off some experiment please contact the author with your suggestions or comment below.

Currently, the list for consideration is below:

Erica Allar

Mike Friedman

Dan Cassidy

Megan Guarnier

Season Preview 2014 Road

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee, Istanbul  (photo by Author)

I have come to the realization that it is not possible to dislike yourself at all while riding rollers in front of a mirror. Feeling self-conscious? Look up and there you are in all your sweaty, bibbed and heart rate monitor strapped glory. I’m not saying it is a confidence building exercise, just that it is not for the weak of heart. And so this winter has gone. Thank goodness for the Olympics and for the beginning of the season this weekend.

I am here to give you a quick rundown of what to expect this road season. Stay tuned for more in the series including: “Who to watch”, “ECCC alumni–where are they now?” and “How close are rice cakes to supporting a doper?”

Unless you are cheating on lovely lady ECCC by going down south, yes I’m looking at you Drexel, the season debuts with the Stevens road race, expanded this year to a full weekend, complete with miniaturized road races and gratuitous amounts of host housing. The traditional opening ITT which is always been an interesting if not informative predictor of success has been replaced with a TTT. It is the first of six TTTs with only three ITTs on the calendar counting the Army Hill Climb. We had ¬†four ITTs last year and four TTTs. We can expect to see MIT continue to dominate because they practice like banshees but also look to other teams like what about Penn State who shut down the men’s Ship race last year after one of their guys went off.

The following weekend, the Philly Phlyer, will be the first of the marquee weekends with separate A, B, C and D fields for the women. This is an unprecedented amount of time devoted to the women and a staggering 24 races in one day. Truely, the conference organizers deserve a preemptive standing ovation. Maybe the ECCC will develop some olympians. Also, it’s pronounced Skooo-kel, not She-uhl-kill. Last year this race was (in)famous for providing every type of precipitation during the race: rain, sleet, and snow.

Okay patience and order have never been my strong suit so lets skip ahead three weeks to Xpot. In it’s glory days, the Beanpot rivaled the Eastern Cup for prestigiousness and razor giveaways. Okay there was no rivalry for the latter, just dominance by Tufts. With the first ITT of the season on Saturday, I wonder if Cameron Cogburn and Katie Quinn will return to defend their dominant wins. I am pretty sure Cogburn will not. Shaena Berlin will also be one to watch on her home course; I’ve checked her strava. Racers can expect to race up to 44 miles the next day without feeding so pack your pockets.

Speaking of MIT though, I wonder who the power couples of the ECCC will be this year.

The Hell of the North is two weeks later, after Army. Everyone who’s anyone knows that Dartmouth shamelessly stole that name from UVM. Or was it vice versa? The Frat Row Crit is the site of the legendary notwincrash from 2010 and the dirt roads of the Philo road race are sure to please. Don’t forget to toss your cleat-covers in your jersey pocket for running the last couple churn and burn soul crushing miles up Mt Philo.

After traveling to PA for some Black Mo’ treatment at the Nittany Classic, we will return to Providence for Easterns. Hopefully the road is patched so we can have a brutal crit this year.

Okay thats all I have for now. See you next week! Please be safe.

Turkish Coffee photo by Author
Turkish Coffee (photo by Author)