Black Inc Wheels Support

blackinc-logoThe Eastern Conference is happy to announce new support from Black Inc wheels, offering discounts to ECCC teams and neutral support at the upcoming races in the 2014 road season.


Black Inc is a carbon wheels manufacturer led by a former ECCC racer from McGill Cycling, now working with a premiere carbon fiber producer in Taiwan. Its wheels have been tested and raced by UCI continental and pro tour teams for the past three years, both marked and unmarked. They also have a close partnership with Factor Bikes, creator of the Aston Martin One-77 and the well reviewed Vis Vires.

Black Inc’s product range currently includes 35mm and 50mm deep wheels, in tubular and clincher form to suit those riders looking for knockdown drag-‘em-out race day performance as well as the more practically minded. A variety of hub options are available, from the industry standard DT Swiss 240S laced to DT Aerolite spokes to the upcoming proprietary Black Inc hubs made from Ceramic Speed bearings. The Black Inc 30 tubular rear wheel weights a mere 30 grams more than the Lightweight Meilenstein full carbon “wunderwheel,” while employing a more aerodynamic profile, traditional spokes, and retailing for $3,400 LESS per set.

Giving Back

In the spirit of giving back to the community that shaped its founder as a rider, racer, and person, Black Inc is offering student friendly pricing to every ECCC team. The program is designed to get cash-strapped academics riding and racing on top-notch equipment, at prices they can afford. Interested riders and teams should check out and contact Ben Adler, another McGill Cycling and ECCC alumnus, and now North American agent for Black Inc.

Beginning this past weekend at the MIT X-Pot, Black Inc will also be at ECCC road events throughout April, showing off their full range of high quality carbon fiber wheels as well as providing neutral mechanical support to all ECCC riders.  Look for the black tent by parking or staging and swing by to chat up an exciting new range of cycling products, or simply to get some help with your bicycle!