Back in my day…

In an effort to test the collective ECCC alumni-held thought of ‘It was harder when I was there,’ the Army circuit race at Camp Buckner will feature past champions of the ECCC integrated into the present collegiate fields. By pairing the best of the past with the best of the present, all members of the conference will finally see if it really was harder back then.

In order to ensure the belief is tested for all fields, the returning riders will be incorporated into the fields they dominated.

The unprecedented effort to solve the age old problem is made possible by an increase in racing fees in 2014. Already, through increased ridership and the fee increase, the airfare of 10 returning riders have been provided. There are currently 6 spots open for this unique opportunity. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below.

Efforts are currently being coordinated to prevent the confouding effect of fitness lost or gained. If you are a 1) PhD student and 2) putting off some experiment please contact the author with your suggestions or comment below.

Currently, the list for consideration is below:

Erica Allar

Mike Friedman

Dan Cassidy

Megan Guarnier