Writers, Photographers, Show Your Stuff!

For 2014 the Eastern Conference is relaunching and rejuvenating the ECCC Blogosphere, which you happen to be reading right this moment! We’re looking for all the writers and photographers out there to join our team producing content for this and all the ECCC‘s media efforts. If you’d like to practice your skills, contribute to the ECCC, become a conference celebrity, and do a lot of talking about cycling, you should contact us and get involved right away!


Previously the ECCC has maintained the ECCC News Network and ECCC Blogosphere websites. The News Network carried official conference announcements and race reports. The Blogosphere started as a linkroll pointing to other blogs and then morphed to be a blog of its own with various writers contributing. At its height the Blogosphere had an amazing portion of the conference’s racers reading regularly, as well as a large number of family and friends. Major articles on both sites continue to get a significant number of readers, long after they were posted.

This year we’re merging the News Network into the Blogosphere. Major official conference announcements and calls are going to be made via featured articles here, and several have already gone up. In addition, all writers are invited to contribute articles and posts on a wide range of topics. Any writing related to cycling and the conference is welcome and eagerly desired. Hoped-for categories include Bike Tech, Interviews, Training/Fitness, personal Race Reports, and Storytime—more general musings and observations. Any kind of writing about cycling and racing is welcome and will find here an eager audience of the entire ECCC.

As a particular class of post, we also need a crew of authors to write short weekend recaps after each event. Alumni, family, and friends at home do read and appreciate those as a way for them to follow along with Eastern Conference action throughout the season. Just one or two paragraphs goes a long way to keeping everybody linked into the scene. Those weekend race recaps are also needed and easily reused for the weekly updates on the USA Cycling Collegiate homepage, gathering an even broader audience and putting the conference and our riders in front of yet more people.

To make all of that sing, we’re also looking for photographers to contribute. Road racing especially requires particular equipment, practice, and effort to get great photographs. Those photos though are absolutely necessary to truly capture the excitement and drama of ECCC racing. High resolution, high quality photographs are also critical to maximizing the impact and success of the ECCC’s major outreach projects, including the main website, Facebook ad campaigns, and other upcoming projects.


Contributing as a writer or a photographer is a great way to practice both crafts. They’re also excellent ways to meet new people and make friends throughout the conference. Absolutely no one is as popular on the circuit as our regular photographers and writers. This is also an easy way to make a significant contribution back to the conference and keep it and all its projects moving forward.

Sweetening the deal even more, we’re offering exclusive ECCC MEDIA t-shirts, seen in the artwork proof above, to anybody who regularly contributes writings and photos. There will be absolutely no better way to stand out and be a known personality at all the upcoming races than to be sporting one of these.

The 2014 Road season is coming up fast and we’d all like to hear about your training, advice, new gear, and other thoughts, so all the writers and photographers out there should contact us to get set up with a Blogosphere account and start getting your voice heard!