Doubling up at CX weekends

Hey All,

Just a reminder that we at the ECCC Cyclocross Coordination Compound are happy to see so many racers doubling up this weekend and we just want to let you know how this will be scored.

Simply, you will be scored in the highest category you enter. So, if you register for the 3/4 (B) and the P/1/2/3 (A) at the same event, you will only be scored in A race for that day. Additionally, other categories such as masters or singlespeed will not be scored for collegiate points.

Now go forth and register!

West Point CX

Let us know if you have any further questions!

-Steven & Tim
ECCC Cyclocross Coordination Team

ECCC Cyclocross 2012!

Hello ECCC!

With the collegiate cyclocross season starting this weekend at Army and Saratoga Springs, we want to remind all riders and team leaders of a few important rules before the season starts.

In order to count for collegiate points the ride must be a full-time student at a college, hold a collegiate license for that college, and wear a full collegiate kit, or non-USAC club team gear if your college doesn’t have a kit yet. You must register under your collegiate club, otherwise you will not be counted as racing collegiate in the results.

As our events are held within a normal USAC race, you must have a full USAC license in order to race, not just a collegiate one, (one day licenses also work for Cat 4s).

Note that some of our events are UCI events which means to race in the elite category you will need a full UCI license.

The general category breakdown is as follows:
Men’s A is P/1/2/3 or UCI Elite
Men’s B is 3/4
Men’s C is 4
Women’s A is P/1/2/3 or UCI Elite
Women’s B is 3/4 or 4

There are a couple of races on our schedule where there is only one women’s category. At these events, Women’s A points will be given to Cat 1/2 racers and B points to Cat 3/4 racers.

In order to go to Nationals you must either have a Collegiate A license or a USAC 3 license and complete at least ONE college race in their collegiate kit. Please make sure you apply for all relevant upgrades before you sign up for your first collegiate cyclocross race.

If you have any other questions please let myself or Tim.

Thanks and enjoy the season.

Steven Hopengarten & Tim Manzella
ECCC Cyclocross Coordination Team