The Season is Coming Save some time

Nobody likes to try to fill out lots of forms on a teammates back when they could be dreaming of glory. Fill out your 2011 ECCC packet before the weekend and save a little time.


Getting the results and scoring done is a huge endeavor.  John Frey of Velocity results does this with style & grace.  He has put together a packet of information to help us help him.


ECCC’r on the Web

The racers of the ECCC are dynamic people who embody the ideal of the student athlete. Several of these people have created websites that further the awesomeness of the ECCC.

Ryan Kelly (Unh Alum) has developed This site is a video chat room designed to enable cyclists to ride their trainers together. The site is free of charge. Misery loves company and cyclists love to heckle each other. This site weds the two beautifully.

Macky Franklin (Middlebury) has developed as a social networking site centered around cycling.

Check it out!