ECCC Meeting retrospective

The Fall ECCC Meeting was concluded.  Most notable was that the 2011 road season was set!

For the first time in 28~ years West Point will not to hosting a race.

The calendar is:

  • The season will return to Rutgers for the renames “Scarlet Scurry.”  The iconic and historic river ITT has been canceled due to speed bump construction. Same Circuit and Crit as 2010.  March 5-6
  • Columbia will be hosting their 21st annual race @ Grants Tomb on Saturday March 12th
  • Stevens will be hosting a 4mi Circuit race and ITT at another new venue on March 13th
  • The Philly Phlyer returns for an unchanged Circuit and TTT on Saturday and will either host a Temple Campus Crit or return to the Naval Yard.  March 19th and 20
  • For the First time ever the ECCC will be racing at RPI.  These guys have dreamed up a 9 corner crit!!!, a circuit race and an ITT.  Look for this event on March 26-27
  • Trumpets and heralding.  The Beanpot returns!   The format is much the same as the last Beanpot with a Saturday Circuit race and TTT and a Sunday crit at the Tufts Campus. You are not a real member of the ECCC until you have raced the Tufts crit (Editor’s opinion). The crit has been lengthened and the Corner of Death repaved.  April 2-3
  • Yale returns as a promoter.  The circuit course hase been elongated and now makes a trip up the Ledge each lap.  Hold onto your hats for some real epic climbing and descending.  Crit and Hill Climb remain the same  April 9-10
  • Dartmouth will hold brand new ITT that promises to be like ‘a trip to Hogwarts’ ~ Isaiah Berg.  Then in the afternoon the epic and infamous Frat Row Crit.  April 16th
  • UNH will return to promoting races with a TTT and a 20 mi road race.  Kopena says that the terrain is rad and the racing good.  April 17th
  • Easterns was awarded to Penn State.  Saturday begins with a TTT and is followed by the return of Black Mo.  for those of you who haven’t raced on Black Mo, you are missing out on one of the best road races available in the US.  With 5.5 miles of climbing on each 20mi lap, the course is brutal soul crushing and the best way to spend a Saturday in April.  Saturday night will include a Banquet with excellent BBQ.  The last time there was a banquet at PSU Joe proposed to Caitlin, who is going to keep the tradition alive?? Sunday will feature Penn State’s Frat row crit.  Editorial Comment:  There is nothing like racing this Frat Row Crit on a mildly nice day.  The Bros of PSU frats are all about heckling, cheering and general rowdiness.  Until you are an elite Cyclocross racer in Belgium, there is not race atmosphere that can compare. Eastern are April 23/24


To see the specifics of the presentations of each team see the ECCC Website

Rutgers still on top in cyclocross standings after Cycle-Smart International

By Steven Hopengarten and Bill Palm

Over the weekend thousands of cyclocross racers descended on Look Park in Northampton, MA to take part in the 20th annual Cycle-Smart International. Among the professional and amateur races, collegiate riders from all over the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference were battling for individual omniums and team overall standings. Read the full report by clicking here.