2010 Concludes with Easterns at Dartmouth

The conference could not have asked for a better weekend for the final weekend on the calendar, the Dartmouth L’Enfer du Nord weekend, which stood as the 2010 Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference’s Championships weekend, affectionately known as “Easterns.” All the big guns were out as idyllic weather held out for the entire weekend of action packed racing.

Men’s A Road Race: Driscoll Does the Stripes Proud

Women’s A/B Road Race: Buckley Clinches in Dominating Fashion

Men’s A Criterium: Schildge Completes a Dartmouth Double

Women’s A/B Criterium: Filiberti the Home-town Hero

West Point Weekend

No Reports yet.  We are working on em,  Check back soon.  Until then check out:

Greg W’s Photos

Maximus...... Max Korus Crushes the Army Circuit Race in an attempt to regain the Yellow Jersey(Courtesy Chatura Atapattu(Drexel))

Chatura I

Chatura II

Chatura III

Chatura IV

Chatura V

Chatura VI

Chatura VII

Chatura VIII

Chatura IX

Both Chatura and Greg take some really top notch images each weekend.  Be sure to check them out.

MIT’s Strategy Yields First and Second Place Finish

Tiahna Harris, with Martha Buckley and Yuri Matsumoto

The MIT ladies are no strangers to strategy and solidarity.  After winning Saturday’s Team Time Trial by ten seconds, the Sunday Criterium was held in a Navy Yard with not four, but six corners.  Six ninety degree corners made this quite possibly the most challenging Crit of the season, disallowing any rider from admiring the abandoned navy building’s that lined the path. The course was short, but the MIT ladies were sharp.  Pre-race discussions regarding different situations paved the way for MIT snatching places 1 and 2.

In a course that favored stronger riders, being in the top definitely simplified things.  The peloton was highly concentrated as both A and B riders displayed control on the course.  Reflecting on the race, Buckley commented, “I hoped to get away from the pack, but was unsuccessful since there were many riders willing to be aggressive and pull any breaks in,” said Buckley.

On the last lap, Matsumoto grabbed onto Buckley’s wheel, who led her out of the concentrated pack. The duo turned on the power as other riders tried to hold on but eventually fell behind.   The last sprint promised MIT sweeping the first and second places, but which rider was still to be determined.  Both believing the other deserved the number one spot more, Buckley took the turn first and sprinted to the finish line.

Elated with the top 2 finish, Matsumoto commented, “I enjoyed being with my team mates and this weekend reminded me why I love racing with the team so much!”  Ah, a mentality we could all benefit from.

Hair Bear to Pro

At an ECCC News Conference Conference Director Joe Kopena announced a new competition.

This competition was prompted by accusations of former ECCC Conference Director Mark Abramson,  “The Conference just has way too many hairy legs now.  I never would have tolerated so many Intro, D, C, B, and Even A racers (for pete’s sake) to roll up to a start line with ‘natural leg warmers.’ I will tell you, this place has gone down hill….”

Immediate, prompt, and decisive action was taken.  This competition will take place on the Saturday of Easterns.  Racers must show up before the fun race during the crit with their hairiest legs.  These will be photographed.  Later that night at the banquet the racer that has seen the greatest ‘hair bear to pro’ transformation will receive a free ECCC 2010 tee shirt in the color of their choice.

Get out their and get pro.